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Astrological Wheel
Psychic Reading

30 Minutes ~ £60

A Magical & Spiritual Psychic Reading.

A prediction for each of the 12 Astrological House areas of your life. Guidance on where your soul purpose lies and how to heal & overcome challenges in each area.
One Tarot & LeNormand card for each House. (MP3 Audio Recording & JPEG Photo emailed to you)

House 1

Identity & Self Image

Fashion Model

House 3

Communication & Mind Set

Team Building Session

House 5

Creativity & Entertainment

Young Fun

House 2

Material Security & Possesions


House 4

Home & Family

Buying a House

House 6

Physical Wellbeing & Routines

Super Health Food

House 7

Relationships & Marriage

Wedding Photography

House 9

Travel & Philosophy

Traveler with Suitcase

House 11

Social Groups & Friends

Dinner with Friends

House 8

Death & Rebirth


House 10

Public Life & Vocational Career


House 12

Repressed Subconscious & Self Sacrifice

Meditating on the Beach
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