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Yearly World & Celebrity Predictions

Yearly World & Celebrity Predictions

Yearly World & Celebrity Predictions

Yearly World & Celebrity Predictions
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🔮World & Celebrity Psychic Predictions 2023 🔮

🔮World & Celebrity Psychic Predictions 2023 🔮

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🔮World & Celebrity Future Psychic Predictions 2023 Onwards🔮Pope F1 Football President Prime Minister

🔮World & Celebrity Future Psychic Predictions 2023 Onwards🔮Pope F1 Football President Prime Minister

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  1. The Vatican & World will have a new Pope in May/June

  2. A new species of Big Wild cat will be discovered

    The first albino ocelot in the world according to some experts is not good news (

  3. Sighting of an animal that resembles or is closely related to the Tasmanian Tiger in Australasia continent

    The Tasmanian Tiger May Have a "Small Chance" of Survival | Discover Magazine

    Extinct Tasmanian tiger may have lived into the 2000s, study of more than 1,200 sightings finds | Daily Mail Online

    BBC World Service - Business Daily, Bringing the Tasmanian Tiger back from extinction

  4. A new form of renewable energy will be pioneered that has the theory of the Big Bang and Solar hydrogen Helium Nuclear Fusion energy.

  5. One of the Solomon Islands will sink.

  6. Rocket/spaceship launched and land on Mars

  7. A living organism will be discovered on Mars

    Has NASA found life on Mars? Perseverance collects Martian soil (

    Life on Mars? ‘Diverse organic matter’ found on Mars may be ‘result of life on the... - LBC

  8. Discovery of an old WW2 Prisoner of War camp in Vietnam/Japan underground.

    World War II: Remains of Japanese Ship Torpedoed By US Sub While Carrying 850 POWs Finally Found; Here's The Montevideo Maru Story (

    World War II shipwreck of SS Montevideo Maru, which sank with over 1,000 POWs, found in South China Sea (

  9. The British Rock band Led Zeppelin will Make/release a new Album or Concert Tour

  10. Significant archaeological discovery linked to King Richard 3rd made in a Castle or ancient ruins underground in the UK.

    Incredible discovery unearthed yards from where King Richard III was found buried under car park | The Sun

  11. There will be a Charity Concert held in UK and US to help the Ukraine War.

  12. Social media will appear as a hologram in the nights sky.

    Twitter begins its transition to 'X' | Engadget

  13. A missing link between Mammals and dinosaurs will be discovered. It will be bear like with scales with no wings.

    Missing link? A newly-discovered fossil looks like the halfway point between birds and dinosaurs |

  14. A new social media platform will be launched.

  15. Taylor Swift will win a Grammy Award for her music Album.

    Taylor Swift makes history for latest Grammy win and addresses THAT Ticketmaster scandal | Daily Mail Online

  16. The BBC1 will launch a new Soap Opera TV show.

  17. An expedition to the Sun using a heat/fireproof robot will get more detailed insight into the Suns atmosphere.

    Now India targets the Sun: Country launches new rocket on solar mission a week after becoming first to land on Moon's South pole | Daily Mail Online

  18. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will reconcile Feb/March 2023 with a renewal of marriage vows on a tropical island beach in 2023.

  19. Mariah Carey Will Release a new Album

  20. Poland could win Eurovision song contest or come in the top 3

    Blanka storms ahead in YouTube views following Eurovision’s second semi-final –

  21. An expedition to Antarctica will discover a new area of floating ice sheet that had not been seen before. This will also reveal a discovery about an animal species never seen before.

    Bizarre, alien-like creature discovered deep in Atlantic Ocean has 20 gangly arms (

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