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About Selina

Join Psychic Medium & Qualified Teacher Selina, on a spiritual and prophetic journey, to discover the psychic treasures of your Universe! 

Selina is a psychic medium who can make future prediction on different areas of life, by connecting with her Spirit Guide Mo. Selina also tunes into the Akashic Records so see and hear future events. Selina can also communicate with her spirit guides to remote view and find lost objects.


Selina can connect with loved ones in spirit to give messages to clients.
Selina has over 25 years' experience in doing psychic readings and has access to the Akashic records to view future situations, identify emotional blocks and turning points on your timeline.

Selina can give predictions and messages on love & relationships, career, home moves, life path, lost objects and more.

She has read for many clients all over the world from different backgrounds.
Selina can see past lives and how these have affected your current life and what your soul's purpose is.

Selina is a Qualified Teacher in Primary, Secondary and Adult Education. This helps her to teach a range of psychic and spiritual workshops to clients. 

Selina can use the following divination techniques:

🌟Akashic Record


🌟Spirit Guides


🌟LeNormand /Atlantis Cards


🌟Crystal Ball Scrying

🌟Dream Interpretation 

🌟Past Lives & Soul Purpose 

🌟Remote Viewing



  • BSC Computer Animation (Hons)

  • PGCE Secondary & Primary Education ICT (Hons)

  • City & Guilds Introduction to Teaching Adults

  • Reiki Healing Certification

  • First Aid Certificate

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