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Psychic Encyclopedia

Psychic & Esoteric Meanings

All you need to know about a wide range of psychic and esoteric subjects

Akashic Record

This is a 4D Encyclopedia of all past, present and future events on Earth and the Universe. It can be heard, seen as images or a video, smelt tasted and felt by a person with psychic abilities. It has time markers, dates, names, locations, memories, feelings all with in it. It is accessed through the Soul Star Chakra for people and through the Stellar Gateway Chakra for Universal and Earth, World events. It downloads through your Crown chakra and is then projected onto your Third Eye through the Pineal Gland. The Akashic record can be accessed through Dreams, meditation and when awake with your eyes open. It is easier to tune into it when looking through glass, a mirror or a crystal ball as the shinny surface helps to project it. 


A person who can see and predict the future by tuning into the Akashic record. They can see, hear, taste, small and feel the future. This can be when awake or through a dream. They see the future through their third Eye or hear it in the ear. They can taste it, smell it and feel events like they re actually experiencing them.


A person who can communicate with the spirit world. Spirt channel information and survival evidence of how they died to the Medium through clairaudience and Clair sentience. They may see them physically in their Third Eye or in 3D form outside their head. This can provide comfort to people who have lost loved ones. Spirit can also give messages to people through the Medium.


"Clear Seeing" Seeing spirits, future and past events, people, places, situations names, numbers, colours, symbols, words all in a persons third eye or outside their head in 3D form.


"Clear Hearing" Hearing spirit voices, messages, words and numbers, names, events and places all downloaded from the Akashic Record in a persons ear. Can be heard inside the head or outside the head.


"Clear Feeling" A psychic can feel events in the future or past as if they are experiencing themselves. 

A medium can feel a persons illnesses or the spirits illness on Earth/cause of death. They can also feel the emotions and feelings of a spirit or an alive person or a future situation.


"Clear Knowing" A psychic can know events in the future or past as if they are experiencing themselves. 

A medium can know facts or information about a person, past or future event or a spirit.


This is an event or something that will happen in the future and has not happened yet. 


This is a confirmation of something or an event that has already happened. Or a situation or problem that has already happened or is currently happening. This confirms a prediction and usually comes after a prediction is made to confirm it. In psychic prediction readings It is downloaded through the Akashic record or can be given by spirit in mediumship readings. 


This is the long-term outcome of a situation or event that will happen in the future. It is downloaded from the Akashic record. It can be the outcome of a relationship, job, family problem, home move or anything futuristic.

Time Marker

This is an event or object that can occur or be seen at the same time as an important event on your life map. It is downloaded from the Akashic record and validates a prediction or an important life event. It occurs at the same time or with in 24hrs of the event. e.g. You may hear the word Chocolate and see a chocolate or be given it at the same time as an important event. Sometimes markers can have multiple meanings so for example you may chocolate again several times to indicate an event. Some markers can be songs or TV Programmes.


This is a vision of the future that can be seen in waking life, when asleep in a dream or in a mediation with eyes closed. It can be a future event, person coming in or a warning. Warning colours are red. 

Spirit Guides

These are door keepers that walk with a person on Earth and are in spirit for. They can be loved ones, relatives in spirit, Ascended Masters or beings of Light. They help guide people on the maps of life and can give them warnings. They also help them to connect with spirits if they are a medium. They also perform practical tasks or can overshadow a person to help them with creativity, manual work, writing, teaching, music, painting. public speaking and a range of tasks. The person may not even know they are helping them. They are useful and good energies to have around.


This is a spiritual white gaseous substance that spirit use to manifest themselves physically. It comes out of mediums chakras such as their hear chakra, eyes or mouth. It is a way for spirit to prove the afterlife exists. Spirit can also use it to move objects and make sounds. Including independant direct voice box. Where spirit can talk through a spiritual voice box made from Ectoplasm.

Third Eye

This is the Chakra based in the middle of the forehead. It is like a projection screen and connects to the Pineal gland and crown chakra. You can see psychic visions and spirit faces in your third eye. It needs to be closed down daily after doing any psychic work so that you do not drain your energy. also to protect you from negitive enities and energies.

& Trance

The spirit uses ectoplasm to form a mask of their face over the mediums face. The medium will go into a trance which feels like paralysis and electric shocks tingling pins and needles. This is not recommended as different negative entities can attach to the medium and posses them. if it happens as a one off experience then it is just to show you you can do it and if you do it you need to be in full control of it. 

Astral Travel

This is a deep form of meditation where you can travel in your mind to the Universe and astral plane. You can meet loved ones in spirit and tune into the Akashic record. You can visit other planets and remote view other locations on Earth. 

Remote Viewing

This is where you can tune into the Akashic record and view someone's romm or a location. You can use spirit guides to help you connect to this location. Or a deceased spirit that wants to show you things about a person can help you remote view through clairvoyance. If fit is done through the Akashic record it is a lighter sensation but if done through spirit guides or a deceased loved one it will feel heavier like a spirit presence is there.


This is where you can hold an object and feel its energies. You can sense information about its owner and any back stories it has. You can sense the energy of its owner and what is going on around them. You may be able to use it to tune into their Akashic Record to see, sense or hear their future.


This is when a person can appear in two places at the same time. It can indicate a dual reality, negative and positive. The second appearance can appear in white of the other appearance is wearing black. It shows the inversions and dual realities that exist parallel to each other.

Out of Body

This is when a persons spirit comes out of its body shell. You may feel like you are floating. Some people see a white light or tunnel. Or they fly around the room or area then go back in their bodies. 


This is when spirit can transport an object through a worm hole (connection portal through spacetime) and make it appear in another location. It can appear to drop out of thin air or just be placed on a flat surface. Objects can include money, coins, feathers, shells and sometime people.

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