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Do you want to develop your psychic intuition skills and be your own guide in life?

💫Workshops will be on 

 Sundays 4.30-6pm GMT 

💫Live on Google Meet

💫Tickets available on Eventbrite 

Psychic Empowerment Workshop - £25

  • Learn how to tune into the Akashic Records

  • Psychic Time Markers

  • Mediumship 

  • Connecting with Spirit Guides

  • Meditations

  • Remote Viewing & Scrying 

  • Tarot & LeNormand Cards

  • Past Life Regressions


Tree of Life - Kabbalah Workshop - £40

  • Learn the 10 Emanations of the Sefirot

  • Kundalini Chakra Meditation - Identify blocks

  • Numerology & Esoteric Wisdom

  • Map out your own journey from Earth to Ether

  • Meditation to manifest your own Tree of Life & realign your life path!

10 Emanations of the Tree of Life Kabbalah:

💫Crown -  How you can connect to the Universal creation source
💫Wisdom - Knowledge that you need to know? e.g. intuition
💫Understanding - How you will understand this knowledge?
💫Mercy - How you can give & receive kindness-Friends & Family
💫Strength - Your strengths and power source
💫Beauty - Love & Relationships - How you attract others
💫Victory - Your success and achievements in e.g. career/ hobbies
💫Splendour - How you will find glory  and what motivates you?
💫Foundation - What will ground you?
💫Kingdom - Your material strengths & challenges 


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